Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in
Austin, TX

In 2003, Glimmer’s founders established a separate nonprofit to address the challenges of poverty in their own community of Austin.

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Photo credit: Central Texas Food Bank

Glimmer Austin

While deeply devoted to their work in Ethiopia, the Berbers recognized the potential of empowering innovative, grassroots nonprofits to solve the complex and severe challenges of those living in poverty in Austin. Glimmer Austin is focused on improving the lives of those who suffer from hunger, homelessness and a lack of basic needs.

Now is the time for people, plans and resources to come together to reduce homelessness in a sustainable way, for the well-being of all Austinites. It won’t happen overnight, yet there is a path forward – and a will and way to get this done.

— Philip Berber
Founder of Glimmer Austin

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