We are working for
a brighter future
for Ethiopia

With the power of our holistic approach to poverty reduction, we can delay the age of marriage for girls, support safer pregnancies and healthier babies, and foster thriving village economies.

To not only survive but thrive in rural Ethiopia, families need a foundation of resilience created through clean drinking water, good income opportunities, quality education and modern health care.

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We believe women
and girls are the
agents of change
for an entire

Glimmer looks for opportunities to bring about the deepest, most effective impact. In rural Ethiopia, that starts with women and girls who carry the greatest burdens of poverty. When we saw girls dropping out at the start of high school, we piloted girls’ clubs to overcome challenges with staying in school while menstruating. We’ve learned that mothers determine the outcomes for their children. Supporting women with stable income opportunities puts food on the table, and health care for every stage of motherhood results in thriving families.

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Cycle of Hope

Glimmer's holistic solution replaces the cycle of poverty with a cycle of hope.

Holistic Approach
To Change

Ending entrenched poverty takes more than one school or one well. It takes a holistic approach that creates a network of resilience. A small loan for one woman boosts an entire village's economy. Education sets a girl on a path to change the course of her life. The birth of a healthy baby starts to break the cycle of poverty. This story is unfolding across Ethiopia for millions of people impacted by Glimmer's holistic approach.

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Impact in Action

Since starting our work in 2000, Glimmer has made a remarkable impact across rural Ethiopia.

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In 2000, Donna Berber founded Glimmer with the goal of relieving some of the pain and suffering on the planet. Since then, the organization has grown—and made remarkable progress.

Ending Poverty Takes A Global Village

We can’t eliminate poverty alone. See the individuals and organizations we partner with in our vision.

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Every dollar you donate goes directly to lifesaving projects in rural Ethiopia. Our endowment covers all operating costs, so your giving goes farther with Glimmer.

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