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Ethiopia's recent economic growth and strides in poverty reduction are remarkable. But there is much work yet to be done. It remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the people live in the rural countryside and millions still live without the most basic services like clean water and health care. The progress to date and the commitment of the people create an opportunity to create amazing impact.

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Explore Glimmer’s completed projects. From essential income and health support to clean water wells to libraries and schools, our work is bringing comprehensive change to rural villages across Ethiopia.

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Returning to Ethiopia
With all the challenges of the past few years, I have not been to Ethiopia since late 2019. There is nothing like being there ... Read More
Healthy Soil, Healthy People
Desalegn is a farmer participating in Glimmer's work in Debub Sodo in the SNNP region of Ethiopia, in partnership with IKEA Foundation. With Glimmer’s ... Read More
Zergie's New Beekeeping Business
Glimmer recently visited Zergie, a farmer and beekeeper participating in one of our projects, to learn about how she started her beekeeping business. Read More
Coming together: Key themes from Africa’s Food Systems Forum
This month, Glimmer participated in Africa’s Food Systems Forum in Kigali, Rwanda. Along with leaders from nonprofits, government agencies and funders across the African ... Read More
With High Inflation, Organic Compost is a Winning Solution
This year, the world has been hit hard by rising prices for gas, food and other daily essentials. For many farmers in Ethiopia, inflation ... Read More
2021 Annual Report
In the face of ongoing challenges, we forged ahead with commitment and hope. From emergency relief to planet-positive strategies, Glimmer is learning, adapting and ... Read More
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