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A Glimmer of Hope
3103 Bee Caves Rd
Ste 201
Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: (512) 328-9944
Fax: (737) 888-5942

Frequently Asked Questions

About Glimmer
What makes Glimmer unique?
How does Glimmer decide where to work in Ethiopia?
Does Glimmer support nonprofit causes in Austin, Texas?
Does Glimmer provide grants or donations?
How can my organization or company partner with Glimmer?
Donating to Glimmer
How can I donate to Glimmer?
How do you decide what my donation will support?
Can I make a donation in birr or another currency?
Are donations to Glimmer tax-deductible?
When I donate to Glimmer, is my credit card information secure?
Getting Involved
How can I support Glimmer’s work?
Can I volunteer or work with Glimmer in Ethiopia?
Is Glimmer hiring?
Does Glimmer provide internship opportunities?
100% Promise
What is the 100% Promise?
How does Glimmer prove that 100% of my donation goes directly to the field?