Cultivating Change: Women Lead the Way in Regenerative Agriculture
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$4.8 Million Investment to Build Resilience in Community of 50,000 in Rural Ethiopia
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Through uncertainty, Derartu’s entrepreneurial spirit shines
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Girls break barriers to staying in school
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Returning to Ethiopia
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Update on Emergency Relief Efforts
Over the past two years, conflict and instability in Tigray has expanded further into Afar and Amhara regions, displacing millions of Ethiopians. In 2021, ... Read More
Healthy Soil, Healthy People
Desalegn is a farmer participating in Glimmer's work in Debub Sodo in the SNNP region of Ethiopia, in partnership with IKEA Foundation. With Glimmer’s ... Read More
Zergie's New Beekeeping Business
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Coming together: Key themes from Africa’s Food Systems Forum
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With High Inflation, Organic Compost is a Winning Solution
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