I returned last week from a trip to Ethiopia that took me to several communities where Glimmer has worked for years. In Senale Village in Tigray, I saw the land visibly exhausted and depleted from the drought. The lack of food and the impact on crops, livestock and the community is devastating.

During my visit, I met with our local partners in Tigray to learn about how Glimmer’s support will help the people living in Senale and the surrounding area. With food aid ready to deploy, there is relief on its way.

It is encouraging to see how the integration of our work in education, health care, water and livelihoods creates a buffer to the extreme harshness in the Senale community right now. My trip highlighted how incredibly essential Glimmer’s projects are in building resilience—especially during difficult times. Glimmer’s commitment to our work and the people of Ethiopia remains stronger than ever.

— Donna Berber