Glimmer led an exciting workshop in the Villages of Gondar—bringing together our local construction partners, local government representatives, and community members from each of the 10 villages in Gondar.

Villagers traveled for hours on foot to be a part of this critical meeting to solidify and share their commitment to Glimmer’s upcoming projects. The villages sent representatives, including teachers, health workers, elders and young men and women, to be a part of this momentous event. The upfront planning and the commitment of stakeholders at every level is unprecedented in this area and a sign of the engaged community here.

During the workshop, representatives from each of the 10 villages split into small groups to finalize plans for their contributions, which range from cash to labor to supplies like gravel, wood, sand and eucalyptus. One community has already constructed a 2.5 mile paved road to prepare for construction vehicles to bring in supplies.

The excitement was palpable—with the room erupting in loud applause and celebration as each village leader presented their plan. With the full support and commitment for Glimmer’s work at all levels of the community, we are set to break ground on our first phase of projects. Join this committed group by supporting the Villages of Gondar.