Six months ago, a group of Glimmer staff and supporters joined villagers in Shoa to experience their daily struggle to collect drinking water. After a long walk, we arrived at the water source: a contaminated pond shared with livestock. Today, we are so excited that the well that will bring this part of Shoa clean water is almost done. Without the burden of waterborne diseases and hours spent collecting water, life will be drastically different here. When our second year of work is complete, this kind of impact will expand across the Villages of Shoa with the completion of 58 clean water points.

In Shoa, Glimmer is also making strides in our education projects. Every child now has the opportunity to pursue a secondary education close to their own village. Construction on 12 primary schools is underway; when completed, they will provide clean, bright spaces to learn, well-trained teachers and quiet spaces to study.    

This work is only possible with the full support of the community. The people of Shoa are enthusiastic and engaged. Not only do the village representatives attend all planning meetings, but they are contributing 10% of program costs (approximately $100,000) each year. To raise the funds, Shoa households sell livestock, crops or traded goods. This community-led fundraising builds ownership and indicates how much the people of Shoa value Glimmer’s work.