Kristen and Jeff, two of Glimmer’s dedicated supporters, witnessed a thriving hospital community during their visit to Tercha Village. With a separate Maternity Ward and Pediatric Ward, women and children are receiving excellent, dedicated care.

During their visit, Dr. Wondmagegne Gethaneh shared the health benefits that result from labor and delivery services and pediatric care in their own protected wings at the hospital. He reported that expecting mothers and young children now receive better care and less exposure to sick adult patients, as well as privacy to share confidential information. The Pediatric Ward is nearly complete, but already serving children here in Tercha.

As champions of both the Maternity and Pediatric Wards, it was especially meaningful for Kristen and Jeff to see the impact in person. As Kristen noted, “It was an emotional and inspiring experience to see the amazing work done.”

We are so grateful to Kristen, Jeff and all of the supporters who made such a lasting difference in the lives of women and children in this community.

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