Glimmer’s team recently met Meseret, a mother who delivered at the Tercha Hospital Maternity Ward and then brought her three-day-old child into the Pediatric Ward. She told us, “I am very happy, not only for myself, but also for the community. It is lucky to be served by this comfortable building filled with modern medical equipment and furniture.”

Now that the Pediatric Ward is fully furnished and staffed, we are delighted to see seamless care for new babies as they grow and thrive in this community. So far, the Pediatric Ward has cared for more than 6,000 patients.

Ato, one of the pediatric nurses, told us about the importance of dedicated space for children’s health care and the impact of the Pediatric Ward for Tercha. “Because of the building’s construction and medical equipment, we are providing good care,” he said. “Thank you, Glimmer.”