With the rainy season drawing to a close, the Glimmer team is preparing to go back on the ground in the Villages of Gondar to begin the season’s work.

The 10 villages in this area are comprised of two distinct groups; each group shares a common health center. Six villages share a health center in Minzero, while the other four share one in Lemba.

This system is part of the Ethiopian government’s healthcare model in rural Ethiopia. Individual villages have their own smaller health clinics, staffed by Health Extension Workers, where residents can receive vaccines, treatment for common illnesses, first aid and basic maternal care. For more significant health needs, they travel to the larger, centrally-located health center in their area.

Glimmer works alongside the Ethiopian government to support this model. We help fill gaps where services are most urgently needed. For example, in the Villages of Gondar, many of the existing health clinics are in serious disrepair and lack proper facilities and equipment. Building new, properly-equipped health clinics is part of our multi-year plan for the area.