In response to the Ebola outbreak, A Glimmer of Hope donated $250,000 from the organization’s private endowment to Doctors Without Borders.

“We all share in the impact–and response–to the Ebola crisis,” said Donna Berber, president and founder of Glimmer. “As a member of the global community, Glimmer is invested in fighting Ebola. It is critical that we come together to support those who are on the ground saving lives and providing care in communities suffering such great loss and devastation from this disease.”

Glimmer’s work in Ethiopia began in 2000 to alleviate extreme poverty through water, health care, education and microfinance projects. The investment in ending Ebola is an extension of the organization’s deep commitment to the people of Ethiopia and the overall health and wellbeing of the African community.

Doctors Without Borders has been a major responder to the Ebola outbreak, with more than 3,000 staff on the ground in West Africa. Glimmer’s donation will go toward Doctors Without Borders’ continued emergency efforts to combat the epidemic and care for its victims.

To join Glimmer in supporting the fight against Ebola, please donate at