When Glimmer first arrived in the Villages of Gondar, one of the most striking areas of need was in education. Today, thanks to the continued support of our generous donors, we are making great progress. One new project we’re especially happy about is the recently completed library at the Minzero Primary School, which benefits nearly 900 students from the community. Student Deribew Menigistu, age 16, shared his excitement with Glimmer’s staff:

    “It is beyond all measurements! It has boosted my appetite for reading and we are lucky to have it”.

Principal Nega described the library’s positive impact on the school’s overall quality of education. “Students now spend time reading even when they are not in school and they are more interested in academic success,” he said. The library is enriching education and allowing students to see a future full of possibilities.

Students here are currently preparing for a national exam that will determine placement in secondary school. Before the new library, they only had access to words and pictures on paper. Now they have books, a computer and access to the Internet to help them prepare for this important test. In addition, new lighting, insulated walls and seating are a significant improvement over a previously dim, dusty and uncomfortable environment.