At Glimmer, we are deeply saddened by the news of the drought crisis in Ethiopia. As the country faces what may be the worst drought in 30 years, severe food shortages are expected to affect millions of lives. Glimmer is monitoring the situation closely, and our founder and CEO, Donna Berber, will travel to Ethiopia next week and learn more firsthand.

The devastating news brings Glimmer back to the start of our work. The famine in the mid-1980s planted the seed for Glimmer's founding and serves as a constant reminder of how fragile life can be in rural Ethiopia.

With remarkable progress in Ethiopia over the past 15 years, the country is better positioned to address the drought and the Ethiopian government has committed nearly $200 million in aid. In support of the emergency response efforts, Glimmer donated $250,000 to one of our local partner organizations.

More than ever, it is essential that we build resilience in communities through the powerful combination of clean water, education, health care and income generation opportunities. We at Glimmer remain steadfast in our commitment to expand this work for more people in rural Ethiopia.

Please check for updates from Donna’s visit on Facebook in the coming weeks.

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