We are so close to bringing clean water to Gonok thanks to the perseverance, creativity and commitment of the community and our local partners. 

Gonok is one of the most remote areas where Glimmer works, which creates unique challenges. Over the past few months, Glimmer, the community and our partners came together to solve problems and keep the project on track. When delivery trucks stalled at the impassable, narrow paths leading into Gonok, our partners organized a herd of camels to carry supplies up the mountain. We brought in dynamite to bypass boulders that blocked the path. The severe drought that started in 2015 has impacted Gonok and community members were forced to divide their time between drought relief projects and trench construction. Strong mobilization from the villagers and our partners ensured that the trench work was completed. 

Now, the most difficult activities to finish the well are behind us. The construction of nine points that will bring water throughout the village is complete. Men, women and youth from the village dug through rocky soil to lay more than five miles of water pipeline, and the reservoir that will hold 13,000 gallons of clean water is constructed. This is an incredible achievement and a testament to the people’s dedication to this project. 

We are now awaiting the delivery of the well pump and the solar panels that will provide power. The excitement in Gonok is building as we are close to finishing this life-changing project.