We’re excited to report that the people of Robit now have access to clean drinking water, opportunities for a better education, healthcare treatment and prevention, and thriving small businesses funded by our microfinance loan program. Together, these projects are lifting an entire community out of poverty.


Glimmer built 52 water projects that are providing access to clean water to more than 15,000 people and will vastly improve the health and vitality of the community. Clean water means that children can spend the day in school instead of traveling miles away to collect dirty water, and the spread of waterborne diseases decreased. 


Glimmer built and furnished four new classroom buildings and a library at Zengaji Complete Primary School. We also built and furnished the new Robit Lower Primary School that houses four classrooms. Now more than 300 children who had no access to education will have a chance to create a better life.


The Robit Health Center is also now up and running – offering healthcare treatment and education to more than 25,000 people in Robit and the surrounding communities. The new health center includes a medical store and waiting and registration buildings.


Finally, Glimmer provided 1,565 livelihood loans allowing 785 residents to start or expand their businesses and support their families. With the first round of loans already repaid, the small loans will continue to be reinvested into the community and more people in Robit will prosper over the long term.

What’s Next?

Glimmer continues our work in Robit. We are in the process of building a major water project that will provide clean water at eight points throughout the community, including the Robit Health Center. For more information on our recently completed projects, and future plans in Robit, be sure to check out our update video above.