Recovery In Tigray

The war in Tigray was one of the deadliest conflicts in recent history, with the human toll surpassing half a million. With a peace treaty signed at the end of 2022, the region is now accessible to begin recovery efforts.


Situation Overview

In 2020, war broke out in the Tigray region, located in northern Ethiopia. For two years, fighting continued—restricting communications, access to food, healthcare, and education, leading to widespread damage and trauma.

Compounding the effects of the war, Ethiopia is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years, food shortages from the war in Ukraine, high inflation, and the continued impacts of the Covid pandemic, all of which put the most intense pressure on rural families.

In late 2022, a peace treaty was signed and the region reopened. The war leaves behind a humanitarian crises that is outpacing aid—with millions in need of assistance to rebuild their lives, including thousands of survivors of sexual- and gender-based violence.

The Need In Tigray

1.8 million
people internally displaced
2.3 million
children out of school
Over 50%
of children and pregnant and lactating women are malnourished
5 million
people in need of food assistance

Our Response

Ethiopia needs critical, lifesaving support to ensure an entire generation of growth and progress is not lost.

Glimmer is supporting emergency relief and sustainable recovery efforts that will eliminate the need for ongoing outside support. Initial plans will support more than 250,000 people in Tigray as they rebuild incomes and food supplies, return children to school and heal from trauma.

We’re working toward a long-term vision where Ethiopia no longer needs Glimmer or any other international aid. To get there, we are supporting the recovery of Tigray, with a focus on meeting immediate needs and creating opportunities for farming families, women and girls to thrive.

Join us as we support the stability and recovery of families in Tigray and across rural Ethiopia.

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