Thanks to our supporters, Glimmer provided emergency relief in two communities hardest hit by the severe drought in Ethiopia.

In March, we launched a food program at 13 schools across Senale and AdiKeyh villages in the Tigray region. More than 8,600 children and their families received lifesaving grain during the worst months of the drought.

A severe drought impacts every aspect of life. Without enough food, children drop out of school to help their families with work, while others are too weak or sick to attend regularly. By providing food relief to students enrolled in school, children survive the worst of the drought and thrive as they continue their education. Families are supported, healthy and resilient.

As a direct result of the food program, all students here stayed in school. Education for children in these communities is critical to escaping poverty and thriving as adults. With the most basic support of monthly grain, children here will survive the drought healthier and prepared to start the next grade in the fall. 

Glimmer’s continued work in these communities will help support the long-term health and resilience of the people here as they begin to recover from the drought.

What We've Accomplished Together


students and their families received aid


schools provided with grain to help keep children healthy and in school


months of food security