Water & Health is Hope

Fundraiser: Johanna Thornblad

Time Left: 71 Days
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This campaign benefits Priority projects in Ethiopia

Water & Health is Hope
Fundraiser: Johanna Thornblad

It was on a holiday/cooperation trip with A Glimmer of Hope in 2008 that Joan and I learned first-hand about rural families in Ethiopia living without access to clean water, health care and basic education and how fragile their life situation was.

In Ethiopia disease spread through dirty drinking water, there is no health care to care for the sick, and harsh weather conditions can completely wipe out a family’s food supply…

It was life changing to understand that if we helped raise funds for Glimmer's work in Ethiopia, we could change this situation by helping Glimmer provide entire communities with the proper tools to transform their lives.

Since 2008 we have built 28 water projects together with Glimmer. From 2019 we will support not only water projects but also health, education and income generating projects such as micro-credits and livelihood training.

Please help us with a donation today — 100% of the funds raised go directly to change the lives of 100,000 people during 2019 and we will share the results with you on our website www.wateril.org

Thank you!

Johanna & Joan & Water is Life

Campaign Activity
Kerstin & Per donated $60 and said, "June donation"
Kerstin & Per donated $60 and said, "May contribution"
Kerstin & Per Thornblad donated $100 and said, "April contribution in thankful celebration of the wonderful family reunion we just had."
Kerstin & Per Thornblad donated $100 and said, "March contribution"
Kathryn Shedrick donated $25 and said, "Thea gave me $25 for Christmas and asked me to donate it to the charity of my choice. Thanks to Thea, I am pleased to make this donation in honor of our friend Dawit who we finally met in person after all these years."
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "February contribution with best wishes to all friends and family."
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "January donation"
Deb donated $200 and said, "Thank you for the important work you are doing and happy new year"
Johanna Thornblad donated $150 and said, "During a year in which we have been blessed with the addition of a new family member, 4-year old Ziyang, and as we celebrate our first Christmas together, we won't forget those who are still praying for access to clean water."
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!"
The Woodlunds donated $50 and said, "God Jul och Gott Nytt År!"
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "In November we celebrate Isak and Agnes"
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "In October we celebrate Gabriel's and Simon's birthdays. We are so happy to have them!"
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "September contribution in memory of Anna and Bosse."
A&H, P&J, K&L, L&A donated $220 and said, "För att hylla våra kära jubilarer Kerstin och Johanna!"
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "With thanks to all who made our family reunion such a happy event. Our thoughts go to those who can't get together with their loved ones."
Dawit, Ziyang, Joan & Johanna donated $50 and said, "Vi ar sa glada for er! Stora varma kramar fran var lilla familj."
Johanna, Joan, Dawit & Ziyang donated $100 and said, "Grattis var alskade lilla mamma och mormor!"
Lotta Lindelöf donated $60
Lotta Lindelöf donated $60
Anonymous donated $2,730.76
birgitta eskilsson donated $30 and said, "Grattis på 80 årsdagen från Birgitta52"
Birgitta med familj donated $60 and said, "Grattis på din 90 års dag."
Ingrid Johansson donated $15 and said, "Till Karin & Jan-Erik Haraldsson på deras 70-årsdagar."
Kerstin & Per donated $100 and said, "Happy birthday, Johanna!"