Lumu Community Based Organisation - Nansana

Fundraiser: lcbon256

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This campaign benefits Priority projects in Ethiopia

Lumu Community Based Organisation - Nansana
Fundraiser: lcbon256

My name is Samuel Lumu. I was born in Uganda but I am now based in Johannesburg. I started an organisation named Lumu Community Based Organisation in Nansana, Uganda late last year. To tell you the truth people are appreciating the little that we do in our community. However the reality is we do not have sponsors yet since the organisation is still brand new. We have limited resources at the moment therefore our organisation can only cater for 140 vulnerable and disadvantaged children.


In Nansana, Uganda there is poverty in the district and is manifested in the following indicators: Slums and informal settlements, Inability to access basic services, High level of vulnerability, Inability to access basic needs of life, crime, violence and insecurity. High food prices leading to malnutrition, tenants occupying substandard residences and homelessness including street children. These areas have poor sanitation, inadequate housing, contaminated drinking water sources, poorly managed human excreta and solid waste disposal, water pollution and reduction in ecological services.  


For the sake of the children I started this organisation by donating jerry cans, sanitary pads, stationery and food parcels out of my own pocket. I do not have enough money to sustain the programme therefore  the organisation depends on sponsorship and funds from outside. Our organisation truly believe that you will provide your valuable support to this program. We are doing this for a good purpose and due to this we need your active participation. We look forward to an affirmative response of sponsorship from you to make this project successful. You can help by donating any of the following:

Clothes, 2. Toiletries including sanitary pads, 3. Stationery, 4. Food (tin) and 5. Money

Please feel free to call/email us for more information about the program.

Kind regards

Samuel Lumu

Project Director

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Call: +27 73 444 1337

Or WhatApp:  +27 73 444 1337


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