Kristin Kerrigan

Fundraiser: Kristin Kerrigan Giving Back

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Kristin Kerrigan
Fundraiser: Kristin Kerrigan Giving Back

My name is Kristin Kerrigan and I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!

In Ethiopia, women and children are living in extreme poverty. They need the most basic things — like clean water, school buildings, basic health care and opportunities to make a living.

Despite poverty, the people are energetic, optimistic, and eager to build a new future. They just need a hand to get started. We can help.

Every dollar we donate goes directly to lifesaving projects in rural Ethiopia. Glimmer’s endowment covers all operating costs, so our giving goes farther.

Campaign Activity
Jack Newman donated $50 and said, "KK, so proud of you. Here’s a first donation. For each $1000 you raise I’ll make an additional contribution to your campaign. Thanks for stepping up for the rural poor."
Anonymous donated $20
The Schmidhausers donated $50 and said, "You are a true "citizen of significance." Keep being you!"
Carol Hagar donated $30 and said, "Keep it up KK!"
Elliot and Janie donated $100 and said, "Important work. Thank you!"
Beth Lillie donated $100 and said, "On behalf of Tony and Elena. Thanks for all you do."