Josh & Carol – 100 Miles

Fundraiser: Carol

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Josh & Carol – 100 Miles
Fundraiser: Carol

It has been almost 10 years since Josh and I made our first journey to Ethiopia. Today, in honor of the women and children who still walk miles per day for clean water I'm committed to ride, walk, or run 100 miles per month through the end of this campaign.  Consider sponsoring me for $1/mile and we can change many lives! Better yet... get on board and ride, walk or run with me... ~3 miles per day. Think of the impact of such a small gesture!

Did you know that $30 provides one community member with clean water for approximately 15 years? That is astounding!  And every donated dollar goes directly to lifesaving projects in rural Ethiopia. Glimmer’s endowment covers all operating costs, so our giving goes farther.

Be bold! Be creative! Be mindful!



Campaign Activity
Jack Newman donated $60 and said, "Carol and Josh, thanks for continuing to step up for the most needy people on the planet."
Leesa Ross donated $30
Donna donated $60 and said, "Love Donna"
Jeff Hagar donated $100
Jeff Hagar donated $100
The Schmidhausers donated $50 and said, "Carol, thank you for your leadership in shaping young people to become citizens of significance!"
Anonymous donated $20