Greene Water

Fundraiser: Kristen

raised of $10,000 needed

This campaign benefits Water projects in the Villages of Gondar

Greene Water
Fundraiser: Kristen

I’m working with A Glimmer of Hope to transform lives in Ethiopia. You can help!

Did you know that in Ethiopia, women and children are living in extreme poverty? They need the most basic things — like clean water, school buildings, basic health care and opportunities to make a living.

Despite poverty, the people are energetic, optimistic, and eager to build a new future. They just need a hand to get started. We can help.

Every dollar we donate goes directly to lifesaving projects in rural Ethiopia. Glimmer’s endowment covers all operating costs, so our giving goes farther.

Campaign Activity
Girl Scout Troop 40405--SW Beaverton donated $350 and said, "The girls loved helping with this project as 9 yr-olds so much that they chose to donate all their cookie money this year, too! The information you shared with our troop has stuck with these soon-to-be high school students, and I know they will continue to make it a priority in their service lives."
Mamczak Family donated $30 and said, "I’m so happy to be able to contribute and help the people of Ethiopia."
Anonymous donated $25
Kimber donated $10
Barr Family donated $1,000 and said, "Thank you for your amazing work Kristen!"
Esser Family donated $150
tori donated $20 and said, "💜❤️"
Sseko Designs of Texas donated $189 and said, "So glad we could partner up together again!"
Kristen started Beauty 4 Hope - Clean Water Campaign
beYOUtifulfuture started BeYOUtiful Future- Clean Water campaign

My Team

Beauty 4 Hope - Clean Water Campaign
Fundraiser: Kristen
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BeYOUtiful Future- Clean Water campaign
Fundraiser: beYOUtifulfuture
raised of $5,000 needed