Treating a Malaria Patient
The Robit Health Center provides a variety of health services to families in the community. Today the Glimmer team spoke with one of clinic's ... Read More
Whats Next with Yorda
School hasn’t started yet in Robit and students everywhere are enjoying the spring-like weather. While here, the Glimmer team met up with Yorda. Yorda ... Read More
We Hit Water in Gonok!
The Glimmer team, our partners and the Gonok community gathered to witness the drilling for clean water. After careful planning and four days of ... Read More
Yorda's Next Challenge!
Glimmer first met Yorda when we started our work in Robit. The lack of clean water deeply affected Yorda’s life. Traveling to collect dirty ... Read More
Hope for Children in Tercha
The hospital in Tercha serves approximately half a million people from the surrounding areas. When the Glimmer team visited the hospital, we found that ... Read More
Maternity Ward Opens Its Doors
We are excited to announce that the maternity ward is now open and benefitting women and newborn children in Tercha!In the first month, 51 ... Read More
Exciting New Projects in AdiKeyh!
As Glimmer continues our work in AdiKeyh, we identified four school communities in need of basics like new classrooms, desks, latrines and clean water. ... Read More
Work Begins at Daereta School
The Daereta School is a bustling campus on a hillside, but one that is in great need of new school buildings and supplies. The ... Read More
Completed School & Water Projects
All four buildings at the Shasho School in Tercha are complete! Students now learn in bright, clean classrooms and no longer sit huddled on ... Read More
Meet Ezinesh
Ezinesh, a 23-year-old teacher at the Daereta School, shared her story with Glimmer’s staff during a visit to AdiKeyh in January. She moved to ... Read More
Bringing Clean Water to Gonok
The struggle for clean water in Gonok has touched the hearts of Glimmer staff and our supporters. To understand more about daily life in ... Read More
Micro-Irrigation Project Update
Many families struggle with a shortage of food because of the ongoing drought in AdiKeyh. Glimmer’s micro-irrigation program provides a well and equipment to ... Read More