Our Shared Commitment
The long-term success of a big project like the deep borehole well in Gonok takes the support and dedication of more than just Glimmer ... Read More
A Desire to Learn
Glimmer's assessment team recently visited the existing schools in the Villages of Gondar. We found them in varying states of disrepair, some leaning dangerously ... Read More
A Special Visit to Gonok
The Berber family recently visited the people of Gonok and shared in the excitement of clean water coming soon to this village.“The beautiful community ... Read More
Our Assessment Begins
Today our work in the Villages of Gondar begins! Over the next two weeks, our staff will visit dozens of proposed project sites — ... Read More
New Pediatric Ward Takes Shape
The new pediatric ward in Tercha is rising from the ground before our eyes! We broke ground and began construction late last fall and ... Read More
Growth and Progress in Senale
This fall, the Glimmer team visited Senale and was overwhelmed by the growth of the small town since we started our work here. With ... Read More
Bahri Tseba Principal Speaks on School’s Quality
The Glimmer team recently made a trip to the Bahri Tseba School in the AdiKeyh area. The students are just back in school for ... Read More
Daereta Construction: Change in Progress
Since visiting in January, the Daereta school grounds have transformed into a full school campus.We witnessed the construction team hard at work with the ... Read More
First Impressions of Senale
Personal Update from the Field: When we arrived in Senale, we were greeted with drumming and singing. Dust rose up from the circle of villagers ... Read More
Treating a Malaria Patient
The Robit Health Center provides a variety of health services to families in the community. Today the Glimmer team spoke with one of clinic's ... Read More
Whats Next with Yorda
School hasn’t started yet in Robit and students everywhere are enjoying the spring-like weather. While here, the Glimmer team met up with Yorda. Yorda ... Read More
We Hit Water in Gonok!
The Glimmer team, our partners and the Gonok community gathered to witness the drilling for clean water. After careful planning and four days of ... Read More