Excitement at the New Minzero Library
When Glimmer first arrived in the Villages of Gondar, one of the most striking areas of need was in education. Today, thanks to the ... Read More
Principal's Dedication Pays Off
Prinicipal Tadesse knows the value of a good school. In his six years at Itu Iliye Primary School he has seen the ripple effect ... Read More
Clean Water Close by Will Change Their Lives
Meet Birhan. She is a representative of the Tabia Women's Affairs Council in Gonok and a mother of two. Her oldest attends fifth grade ... Read More
Update from the Field: Daereta School Is Thriving
During our recent visit to Daereta, we found a bustling school community. Student enrollment has increased nearly 40%, with 700 students attending today. The ... Read More
Kristen and Jeff Visit Tercha
Kristen and Jeff, two of Glimmer’s dedicated supporters, witnessed a thriving hospital community during their visit to Tercha Village. With a separate Maternity Ward ... Read More
Revolutionizing Rural Community Development
Glimmer led an exciting workshop in the Villages of Gondar—bringing together our local construction partners, local government representatives, and community members from each of ... Read More
A Community Committed
Earlier this year, Glimmer launched our work in the Villages of Shoa, a community of 12 villages in Ethiopia’s Oromia region. Our experience working ... Read More
World Water Day 2015
In our first year of work in the Villages of Gondar, we will start building wells that will bring clean water to this community. ... Read More
Community Prepares for Tercha Pediatric Ward to Open
We are excited to report that the new Pediatric Ward in Tercha is almost ready to open its doors. Our partners and the community ... Read More
A New Day for Daereta Students
We are so excited to announce the completion of projects at Daereta School. New and renovated school buildings are bright and clean. The new ... Read More
Celebrate the Season & Give Hope
Glimmer is raising $1.4 million for the first year of work in the Villages of Gondar. As we gear up to launch projects in ... Read More
A Glimmer of Hope Supports Ebola Response
In response to the Ebola outbreak, A Glimmer of Hope donated $250,000 from the organization’s private endowment to Doctors Without Borders.“We all share in ... Read More