A New School Changes Genet’s Path
Genet and her older sister Tsilat grew up playing together. They were doted on by their siblings and parents, and each attended the nearby ... Read More
Women of Kibirto
For generations, rural Ethiopians have delivered at home, a practice that has contributed to one of the highest national maternal mortality rates in the ... Read More
Food Security for Letebrihan
Glimmer’s irrigation projects brought year-round water to family farms to support sustainable income growth and nutrition. Read More
Alsa's Beauty Salon
In busy, rural community in Medebay Zana, Alsa tests the heat of the straightening iron as her client looks through the hair styles on ... Read More
The First Day of School
Little tables, short colorful chairs, games and flashcards decorate the inside of Ms. Genet’s classroom. Soon, the seats will be filled by five and ... Read More
A New Day For Wereqet
Wereqet struggled to to find a job in Ethiopia, where most opportunities are typically reserved for men. A loan from Glimmer set her on ... Read More
We Love Girls' Clubs
Tigist is one of 200 girls who joined a girls’ club in the Villages of Shoa this year. She is the chair of the ... Read More
Glimmer Influences Widespread Change
Glimmer brought together leaders from our Ethiopian partner organizations for a week-long workshop to discuss the unique challenges and solutions to working in rural ... Read More
Global Changemakers
This summer students at the Austin Tennis Academy are launching a $100,000 campaign to bring education and clean water to children in rural Ethiopia. ... Read More
Water Overflows In Gonok
Nowhere else in our work have we seen people come together to solve a water crisis like we did for Gonok Village. When others ... Read More
Holding Up A Community
Glimmer donors rallied to raise funds for families of drought-impacted AdiKeyh Senale. Students stayed in school and communities stabilized. Read More
Big Change for Little Birchiko
In the early morning before school, 10-year-old Birchiko grabbed her yellow jerry can and joined her friends on the short walk to the new ... Read More