Glimmer first met Yorda when we started our work in Robit. The lack of clean water deeply affected Yorda’s life. Traveling to collect dirty water – and waterborne diseases – kept her out of school. When Glimmer’s supporters helped build a well and new high school near Yorda’s home in Robit, her life changed. We recently met up with Yorda to hear how she is doing.

Yorda is now 15 and a student at Robit High School. Her aspirations are to become a doctor and she enjoys studying geography. She is studying for her 10th grade final exam to move onto the 11th grade. As a thriving town, Robit now has electricity, which allows Yorda to study at night after she completes school and work to support her family. She reports that she is working hard to pass her exams. We’re rooting for Yorda to finish high school and move onto medical school at Gondar University!

Students just like Yorda now have the chance to continue their education at the new high school in Robit. Less than 10 percent of 8th grade students continued their education before we built the high school.  

“We girls are happy in the new classrooms because there is no longer dust that would cause us to get sick and the absence of a private place to go to the bathroom is no longer an issue.” –Abebech Worku, 14, 8th Grader at Robit School.