Over the past two years, conflict and instability in Tigray has expanded further into Afar and Amhara regions, displacing millions of Ethiopians. In 2021, Ethiopia saw the highest number of displaced persons—5.1 million—for a single country over a 12-month period. Since then, millions more have been displaced and suffered the effects of war. According to the World Food Programme, the estimated food-insecure population in Ethiopia increased from 10.9 million in April 2021 to more than 18 million by the end of the year. The people of Ethiopia remain vulnerable and in urgent need of support to recover and rebuild.

Our work supporting resilient communities continues to be vital as the country struggles with the compounding challenges of political conflicts, environmental stressors, and the continued effects of the Covid pandemic. In 2022, we’ve continued our work across the Oromia, Amhara and Southern regions and provided relief through partners in Tigray and Amhara. Our efforts to support some of those most affected by the conflict include:

Emergency food support

Glimmer supported food for 114,400 people in the Tigray region and for 9,800 people in Amhara, all impacted by critical food shortages as a result of the conflict.

food support

Hygiene and sanitation kits

Glimmer provided 1,000 kits to women and girls in Amhara that included essential items such as: sanitary pads, underwear, laundry soap, and bathing soap.

sanitation kits

Income and agricultural support

Glimmer supported 810 farming families in Lasta Lalibela, Amhara, with three sheep and goats each, with a priority on woman-headed households and persons with disabilities. Families also received vegetable seed to help generate income and diversify household nutrition. Etenat, a single mother of four and resident of Lasta Lalibela shared, "I fell on hard times, but then I received three ewes. Hope was brought from this project, now I am very happy even through many challenges. Next, I plan to expand my sheep rearing."

Woman farmer

Rebuilding damaged schools

Many schools in South Gondar, Amhara, were destroyed or damaged due to the conflict. Glimmer rebuilt five primary schools and provided new furniture and supplies, including blackboards, textbooks and copy machines to support the continued education of more than 5,000 students. One student at Atta Complete Primary School shared that, "I lost one of my legs when I was a kid falling from a high hill. The war was extremely dangerous for me. My family and I had to hide in a cave for more than two weeks. When I returned to the village everything was destroyed, including the school facility. It was difficult for me to sit on the floor and learn for six periods a day. Thanks to the project I am now sitting in a comfortable desk."