OB relief

Ethiopia continues to experience the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, violent conflict in Tigray and environmental crises. Despite the challenges, Glimmer is continuing our work in Amhara, Oromia and SNNP with strong Covid-19 and security protocols in place. In addition to our livelihoods, education and health projects, Glimmer is providing emergency food assistance for families and children in the most food-insecure areas, and Covid-19 trainings and supplies at schools and health centers.

Glimmer’s work remains paused in Tigray due to the continuing conflict. Months of fighting have resulted in a large-scale humanitarian crisis. Reports of thousands of internally displaced people, refugees fleeing to Sudan, and the lack of basics including food, health care, clean water and shelter are extremely concerning. A USAID bulletin states that over 4 million people in Tigray are expected to require emergency food assistance in 2021. Glimmer is closely monitoring the situation and we are working with our local partners to assess the needs in our communities, which are difficult to access currently. Our commitment to the people of Tigray is steadfast and we are more determined than ever to continue our work.


Distribution of personal protective equipment.


Distribution of emergency food supplies.