A group of Glimmer’s most committed donors recently visited the Shoa community for a firsthand look at the need in this area — as well as a glimpse into what's possible.

After spending time with the community, the group took part in a morning “walk for water” to experience the daily ritual women and girls undertake to gather dirty water for their families. Livestock joined in the trek, and cows and donkeys took turns drinking as women proceeded to fill their jerry cans just a few feet away. It is easy to imagine why many here are frequently sick with waterborne disease and illness. Glimmer’s next phase of work in Shoa will include a clean water source in this area, which will change life significantly for the families who live here. 

The group also witnessed the positive impact of some of Glimmer’s completed work at Ayida High School. Students and teachers welcomed the visitors and spoke excitedly about their new high school and facilities. Just a year ago, this village lacked a high school and many students simply dropped out after Grade 8, as room and board to attend school in a neighboring village is cost-prohibitive for many rural families. Now students are able to continue their studies and look forward to a bright future. The new Ayida High School also includes a brand new lab, one of the keys to academic success. Having a place to rehearse practical skills — plus a place to study like the new library — increases the chances that students will do well on their exams.