With all the challenges of the past few years, I have not been to Ethiopia since late 2019. There is nothing like being there in person—working closely with our team, travelling to the field, meeting with people in their homes and truly experiencing the change taking place in so many corners of rural Ethiopia. In September, I was able to visit two communities supported by our current work.

Here are some of my favorite moments in photos:

Kate celebrating with Glimmer staff

Traveling with the Glimmer team and our partners, I received a warm welcome from everyone – community leaders, farmer entrepreneurs, students and teachers. I was invited into homes, schools and offices to exchange greetings and hear success stories directly from the community.

Ethiopian farmers standing together

Although farmers have experienced an exceptionally difficult couple of years – with COVID, economic and social instability, drought, and crippling inflation – their strength and resilience is clear. Farmers’ willingness to participate in trainings and apply new farming techniques is proof that our model is working and having an impact.

An array of solar panels

Due to the rugged terrain and rocky conditions, clean water access is often inaccessible for many of the communities where we work. Glimmer works closely with our partners to develop solutions, such as this solar powered water pump.

Kate examining compost

I spoke with farmers learning to prepare organic compost. They told me how excited they were to provide the most nutritious food possible for their families and ensure the soil was healthy enough to sustain them for generations.

Holding corn and green beans

Farmers participating in a new project that tests how organic composting and regenerative agricultural practices improve their crops. Already, after one planting cycle, the improved quality and nutritional density of their food is clearly visible.

A goat family sitting together

Farmers participating in our pilot project receive crops and livestock that work in harmony to create healthier soil and eliminate waste. These crops have mutually beneficial properties.

Kate and Tsegaye walking together

One of my favorite things about being back was reuniting with our amazing team. After three years of remote work, this trip brought the Glimmer team back together and brought us side-by-side with the farmers impacted by our work. I am amazed and impressed by how farmers are continuing to thrive despite the challenges they have faced over these last few years. I look forward to continuing our work and supporting the resilience and growth of Ethiopia’s rural communities.