Mother and daughter

In Ethiopia today, farming is increasingly under threat. Climate change is causing an increase in shocks, including severe and prolonged drought. At the same time, non-sustainable farming practices are degrading soil health and the land, making it difficult to yield crops year over year.

Glimmer is piloting a regenerative agriculture project in partnership with the IKEA Foundation. Designed with local community voices at the helm, the pilot employs planet positive practices to recycle waste and regenerate soil health to lead to reducing poverty and increasing resilience for farmers in rural Ethiopia.

The pilot addresses climate change to maximize agricultural livelihoods outcomes, targeting 200 households in Debub Sodo, SNNPR, one of Glimmer’s multi-year intervention areas. Supporting smallholder farmers, the pilot enhances resources available to establish agribusiness cooperatives at the community level.

Regenerating agriculture, reviving communities

Results of the pilot will propel Glimmer to scale projects in regenerative agriculture across the country. We see this as the beginning of sustainable pathways to improving ecosystems, livelihoods, and nutrition for farmer families.

What we are witnessing in Debub Sodo, a remote, last mile community in rural Ethiopia, gives us hope for future scalable solutions that support people and planet.