Last week Glimmer attended the Skoll World Forum where social change leaders from around the world gathered virtually to champion interconnected solutions for people and planet. Talks envisioned scalable, win-win solutions that offer community empowerment and ownership while addressing climate threats.

Here are our key reflections and takeaways following the event:

  • People and planet are interconnected. A reoccurring theme arose around solutions that support both people and planet. We cannot solve food security at the community level without addressing restoration work. In this vein, Glimmer recently launched a pilot project that focuses on planet-positive farming practices as key to solving poverty.
  • Take time to listen. Thought leaders and funders shared examples of spending time in communities, listening to their needs and prioritizing what they require to improve their livelihoods and wellbeing. At Glimmer, we pride ourselves on being a deep listening organization that spends at least five years in a community, working hand-in-hand with local stakeholders.
  • Align vision and funding for localized change. Several sessions discussed aligning vision and funding to support local and indigenous organizations. We have been working in Ethiopia for over 22 years with likeminded funders who continue to invest in our integrated model, which aligns our vision with communities' priorities.
  • Need for trust-based philanthropy. Many leaders at Skoll highlighted the need for trust-based philanthropy. Multi-year unrestricted funding allows Glimmer to focus our efforts on the ground and put funding where it is needed most.

Thank you to Skoll for offering a myriad of resources to contemplate our role within discussions and what to reach for as we pave the way for resilience and prosperity for rural families. We encourage those who did not have the opportunity to participate to check out the talks here.

At Glimmer, we face forward to show up for farmer communities in the most remote corners of Ethiopia.