10 gallons of water per day

Zewdinesh used to walk 1.5 hours to collect water from a dirty river. The grueling trip limited her to two jerry cans of water per day—approximately 10 gallons of water—for cooking, cleaning and washing. The contaminated water exposed her family to waterborne diseases and leeches.

As a leader in her community, Zewsdinesh wanted clean water for her neighbors and family. When Glimmer proposed the construction of a shallow borehole well, she provided food and water for the construction crew and participated in the building of the wall around the well. Now that the project is complete, she and other members of her village's Water Sanitation & Hygiene Committee monitor its operation and make small repairs as needed. 

Today, Zewdinesh only has to travel 10 minutes to clean water. The quick trip means she can triple the amount of water she uses for her and her family.