Wereqet struggled to to find a job in Ethiopia, where most opportunities are typically reserved for men. A loan from Glimmer set her on a new path. Our microfinance program provides women equal access to funds, as well as the training and support needed to succeed. With funds from Glimmer, Wereqet was able to take the first step toward independence. She created a business plan and purchased a young ox for fattening. Today, she has paid back her original loan and purchased another ox. She hopes to expand her farm to include sheep and goats soon.


“If I keep on feeding the animal, it will become fatter and fatter. 
Then people want to pay much money to purchase it. 
I know that. I have experience.”

Glimmer’s construction of clean water, health care and education facilities in Wereqet’s village has provided a crucial foundation for her business. Wereqet’s family is healthier, and through her business, she can support them while also helping her younger brother to continue his education at a new Glimmer school.


Wereqet is excited for her future. She is a part of a growing group of women across rural Ethiopia who, with the support of a core set of basic life needs and loan access, are now empowered.