Ezinesh, a 23-year-old teacher at the Daereta School, shared her story with Glimmer’s staff during a visit to AdiKeyh in January. She moved to AdiKeyh to teach at the Daereta School and lives in the existing teacher housing provided. The poor construction of her home lets in cold air and rain, as well as snakes and rats. Ezinesh’s students told us about the condition of the classrooms. They described dark rooms that let in dirt and dust that irritates their throats and eyes and makes them sick.

The decrepit school buildings and housing will make it challenging for Ezinesh to stay in the remote village of AdiKeyh after her one-year contract ends. Glimmer hopes to build a new school, teacher housing and a water source at Daereta so that great teachers like Ezinesh will stay in this community.