With construction on Year 2 projects officially underway, we’re now shifting our focus toward raising funds for the next phase of work in Year 3. Launching in early 2017, our third year of work in Shoa will comprise $1.5 million in projects, including: 29 clean water projects, eight school projects, three health projects and four livelihoods programs. 

The commitment we've seen from this community continues to amaze us and we are excited to continue our partnership for a third year. When we first arrived in Shoa back in 2014, residents repeatedly emphasized the high value they place on education as a path out of poverty for their children. Glimmer's integrated model includes an up-front assessment of the entire area before we start any work. This allows us to prioritize projects so we can address the most urgent needs in a community first. Since Shoa was a community with very few high schools and not many students going beyond Grade 8, our first two years here incorporated a focus on high schools. Moving into Year 3, our education work will shift to improving primary schools for students in Grades 1-8.