Desalegn is a farmer participating in Glimmer's work in Debub Sodo in the SNNP region of Ethiopia, in partnership with IKEA Foundation. With Glimmer’s support, he began composting at home—making an organic fertilizer with earthworms and waste from his farm.

Hands holding a scoop of compost with worms

Desalegn can already see the difference organic fertilizer makes—his farm is producing more crops more often and the improved quality is visible.

Desalegn, Kate, and a neighbor holding fresh corn

Desalegn (right) shares his abundant corn grown with his organic compost with Kate Scurria, Glimmer’s director of programs, and a community facilitator.

With such remarkable change, he and his family switched completely to growing their own organic foods. As a father, Desalegn sees his role in protecting and improving the soil for his children and future generations.

“Healthy soil equals healthy food, equals healthy people,” Desalegn said.

And he is sharing what he has learned with his community. Next season, with Desalegn’s instruction, his neighbor plans to fertilize with compost and intercrop on his land to grow healthy food for his family too.