This fall, the Glimmer team visited Senale and was overwhelmed by the growth of the small town since we started our work here. With clean water, school buildings and essential health care facilities interwoven close to villagers’ homes, this little mountain town is bustling!

We visited the health center and experienced a moving account of the impact this health center has had on the community from Teklewoini Assefa, founder and director of the Relief Society of Tigray (REST).

"Before our intervention, this was the most desperate area. People were hopeless. Now, things have radically changed. Now you see — when you see their face, when you talk to them — you see their pride. They are empowered, they are happy."Teklewoini Assefa

Teklewoini has helped Glimmer build many, many projects over the years and we loved hearing what he had to say about the recent changes in Senale. Watch this video and experience more from our visit!