This summer, students at the Austin Tennis Academy are launching a $100,000 campaign to bring education and clean water to children in rural Ethiopia. The students will organize tennis fundraising activities later this summer and a Walk for Water event in the fall to rally support from the Austin Tennis Academy community.

“The Austin Tennis Academy coaches, players and parents are excited to partner with Glimmer once again, beginning a new campaign to help children in rural Ethiopia as part of our long-term commitment to raising $1 million for Glimmer,” said Jack Newman, CEO of the Austin Tennis Academy.

By giving through Glimmer, the students will send 100% of every dollar raised to fund school and clean water projects in rural Ethiopia. The power of clean water – combined with a quality education – means that hundreds of children will have the opportunity to thrive. The projects funded by the Austin Tennis Academy will make an immediate and lasting difference as part of Glimmer’s work in the Villages of Gondar

The Austin Tennis Academy community has already made a tremendous impact in Ethiopia. Over the past 12 years, ATA has given nearly $450,000 for projects that are now bringing education, clean water and health care to some of the poorest, most remote villages of Ethiopia. With their 2017 campaign, the students are building on this momentum and continuing ATA’s tradition of giving back as part of Glimmer’s vision to eliminate poverty.

Campaign activities will get started in August. Want to help kick things off now? You can donate now at