Little tables, short colorful chairs, games and flashcards decorate the inside of Ms. Genet’s classroom. Soon, the seats will be filled by five- and six-year-old students singing their ABCs, practicing their numbers, dancing and playing games. This class, called Early Childhood Care and Education, is part of an initiative to jump start education in rural communities.

Without this program, these children would spend their days at home, helping their parents with small chores like collecting firewood and gathering water. Early childhood education provides a vibrant, educational environment that supports social and emotional growth, prepares children to succeed in school and inspires a life-long love of learning.


“I teach them songs about how to wash their hands and face. They have time to play, learn and sleep. They like to come to school and see their friends. My students will love to continue their education and will do better when they go to first grade.”

- Genet Wondaya, Early Childhood Education Teacher


Early childhood education is a priority for Ethiopia and is an essential step to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goal for education. When children and families embrace the importance of education from the start, students are better prepared to continue their education past the primary level.

“Early learning is the foundation for a quality education and plays an important role in lowering dropout rates, as children move into first and second grade.”

- Nasser Hassen, Glimmer’s Director of Sustainability


For Ms. Genet’s students, a positive experience at school today is just the beginning of a fulfilling academic career. From the window in their classroom, they can see primary and secondary students walking to class and using the new library. The future is full of possibility.