As Glimmer continues our work in AdiKeyh, we identified four school communities in need of basics like new classrooms, desks, latrines and clean water. As a result of our work, dark, dusty school rooms will be replaced with bright, clean classrooms with books, desks and chairs. Separate latrines for girls and boys will mean girls are more likely to attend school, and the availability of clean water during the school day will be life changing for the students and teachers.

A deep borehole will be drilled and implemented to bring clean water to more than 8,000 community members as well as provide water to three schools. In our next phase of work in AdiKeyh, we will engage the community members and our local partners to implement these projects so that more children can attend school and receive a better education.

“I like to teach because it means I get to read many books and improve my knowledge. In this structure there are so many problems, in the rainy season especially. Without desks, I change the lesson plans so the students write less. We have to borrow materials from another school. Every year, they construct the school again." Teacher, Gereagam School