Two girls.

Glimmer has been monitoring a conflict that broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in recent days. Internet, phone, and transportation lines are not accessible to Tigray and we have received limited information from our contacts in the region. We are diligently working with our network, including a security consultant, peer organizations, and staff and partners, to learn more.

Our Glimmer team of 20 Ethiopians is currently safe. With the impact on the country as a whole and the inability of our staff to reach family and friends in Tigray, this situation is weighing heavily on all of us, especially our Ethiopian colleagues. We are continuing to try to reach our cherished local partner organizations in Tigray to hear of their wellbeing. Our hearts are with our Ethiopian family and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide support however we can. 

During this time, Glimmer is continuing our work across the Oromia, Amhara and Southern regions, and we will resume any work that has paused in Tigray as soon as this crisis settles. The need for our work to support resilient communities is greater than ever as the country struggles with compounding challenges of political conflicts, environmental stressors, and the continued Covid pandemic.

This year has proven to be one of the most challenging in our 20 years as an organization. We are incredibly grateful for the Glimmer community around the world that supports our work and knows, as we do, that Ethiopia is a special place.