The struggle for clean water in Gonok has touched the hearts of Glimmer staff and our supporters. To understand more about daily life in Gonok, we have joined the community on their treacherous climb to collect water. Every day, women and girls in Gonok walk 45 minutes down into a gorge to gather water for their families. The steep climb back uphill with a 40-pound jerry can full of water is difficult – and they often make the trip several times a day.

Glimmer’s founder, Donna Berber, and others have experienced the walk for water personally – watch our video to see Donna’s visit to Gonok.

Glimmer is dedicated to bringing clean water to Gonok. We will work with our local partners to dig a deep borehole well that will produce enough water to pipe throughout the community. This is our most challenging water project to date – led by a group of dedicated Glimmer supporters deeply impacted by the people of Gonok. Learn more about their fundraising effort here.