In rural Ethiopia, opportunities for women to make a living and be financially independent are extremely limited. As a single mother, Tadilo struggled year after year to support her family. She lives in one of the poorest villages in her community and faces all the challenges that come with raising children, plus the added difficulty of caring for a son with a disability. Without many options in her small village, she asked her family members for a loan to create her own opportunity, but none of them believed in her and they turned her down.

Tadilo at home with her son

Tadilo at home with her son.

One year ago, Tadilo finally received the loan she needed to start her own business. Glimmer’s program provided her training and hands-on help, along with a $830 loan to start growing and selling garlic. Tadilo’s entrepreneurial spirit is clear – she has turned a profit that allows her to better support her family, open a savings account and invest in a new livestock-rearing business to diversify her income. She has enough money to send her daughter to high school, which means the next generation of her family will have even greater opportunities. She is an active part of her community and participates in a local village economic and social association where she learns about farming best practices and discusses social issues with her neighbors.

Village economic and social association members gathered under a tree

Farmers attend a village economic and social association meeting.

Tadilo with her community facilitator

Tadilo planting garlic with the help of a community facilitator.

Glimmer’s CEO recently visited Tadilo’s home. The woman she met is a confident, successful garlic farmer and livestock breeder. Tadilo shared her plans to continue to build her savings, buy her own land in a nearby town, build a new house and open a business while developing the resources she needs for all her children. She is creating a new path for her family and redefining what it means to be a woman and mother in rural Ethiopia.

Tadilo with Alicyn Yarbrough, Glimmer CEO

Tadilo with her daughter and Glimmer CEO Alicyn Yarbrough.