The Glimmer team recently made a trip to the Bahri Tseba School in the AdiKeyh area. The students are just back in school for a new school year and all the classrooms are abuzz with activity.

While there, the team met up with Ishma Reta Birhan, the school’s Principal for the last 8 years. Meet Ishma and hear her speak to the team about the quality of classroom building in this video at the Bahri Tseba School.

“Before, there were no good classrooms. It was not attracting students. This school has increased the amount of students.”

She told us the community spread the word about the improved quality so that all the children in the area would be excited to attend class. There was over a 20% increase in children attending school after that!

“Because this school was built, the community spread awareness of the improved quality. Before, kids would stay at home. Last year there were 300 students. At this time there are 370 students.”