The First Day of School
Little tables, short colorful chairs, games and flashcards decorate the inside of Ms. Genet’s classroom. Soon, the seats will be filled by five and ... Read More
A New Day For Wereqet
Wereqet struggled to to find a job in Ethiopia, where most opportunities are typically reserved for men. A loan from Glimmer set her on ... Read More
Global Changemakers
This summer students at the Austin Tennis Academy are launching a $100,000 campaign to bring education and clean water to children in rural Ethiopia. ... Read More
Big Change for Little Birchiko
In the early morning before school, 10-year-old Birchiko grabbed her yellow jerry can and joined her friends on the short walk to the new ... Read More
Growing and Thriving in the New Year
We’ve completed our first year of work as part of our five-year commitment in the Villages of Gondar. In partnership with the community, we ... Read More
Excitement at the New Minzero Library
When Glimmer first arrived in the Villages of Gondar, one of the most striking areas of need was in education. Today, thanks to the ... Read More
Revolutionizing Rural Community Development
Glimmer led an exciting workshop in the Villages of Gondar—bringing together our local construction partners, local government representatives, and community members from each of ... Read More
World Water Day 2015
In our first year of work in the Villages of Gondar, we will start building wells that will bring clean water to this community. ... Read More
Celebrate the Season & Give Hope
Glimmer is raising $1.4 million for the first year of work in the Villages of Gondar. As we gear up to launch projects in ... Read More
Glimmer's Approach in Gondar
With the rainy season drawing to a close, the Glimmer team is preparing to go back on the ground in the Villages of Gondar ... Read More
A Desire to Learn
Glimmer's assessment team recently visited the existing schools in the Villages of Gondar. We found them in varying states of disrepair, some leaning dangerously ... Read More
Our Assessment Begins
Today our work in the Villages of Gondar begins! Over the next two weeks, our staff will visit dozens of proposed project sites — ... Read More