How Our Approach
Supports Sustainability

To create the greatest impact, Glimmer invests in village communities for five years, aligns with the government's priorities and engages community members as partners in our work. We focus on lifesaving services that hold up a community and build resilience. Here's how we plan and implement our work in rural Ethiopia.

Step 1:

Glimmer engages the people of Ethiopia from villagers to local government leaders in deciding where and how we do our work. We dedicate significant time to understanding the areas of deepest need and the local commitment to supporting our projects.

Step 2:

Glimmer brings together the lifesaving projects proven to create real change in rural Ethiopia. We customize our project plans to the critical needs and natural resource opportunities in each new community where we work. We prioritize our livelihoods, health and education projects to create the deepest impact in each community.

Step 3:

Our long-term investment in Ethiopia means we are deeply knowledgeable about how to impact change in the country. We know the ecosystem of need and we eliminate bureaucracy through our established relationships at every level. We hire local NGOs to construct projects, we engage the government to provide support like qualified teachers and skilled health workers, and we lead custom trainings to elevate the impact of our projects. All of our work is led by our in-country staff of Ethiopians who are experts in our projects.

Step 4:

In our work, everyone has a stake. Our process empowers community members to contribute cash and labor to the projects, and local government offices to provide staff and resources. Glimmer’s hand-over trainings and establishment of village committees support projects over the long-term.

Step 5:

Glimmer is committed to monitoring our work and sharing the amazing stories of change with our supporters through village updates. We are constantly learning, applying our findings and sharing our work with the world.