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Life for rural Ethiopian families requires resilience. Millions of families in the remote areas of Ethiopia rely on agriculture for food and income, making them especially vulnerable to environmental shocks. Without a safety net of savings or enough income to buy food, a family facing a single drought can live in crisis for months. The impacts cascade—children are pulled out of school to help support their families and access to essential health services becomes impossible.

Without the tools to build resilience, families never get a chance to get ahead—every new challenge perpetuating the cycle of poverty over generations. Glimmer’s approach to ending poverty equips families with the tools they need to build long-term resilience and thrive.

Prosperity for Farmer Families

Families with steady and dependable income have a greater capacity to send their children to school, make choices that support health and wellbeing, and withstand economic and environmental shocks. We support farmer families with trainings, loans and savings services and invest in community-based financial systems.

Glimmer partners with the local community to strengthen health outreach and clinics and empower more girls to stay in school. As opportunity and well-being grow in rural Ethiopia, entire communities can build lasting resilience and sustainable change.

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Our Five-Year Plan

We envision an expansion and deepening of Glimmer’s impact in rural Ethiopia. Our five-year plan outlines how we advance toward our long-term goal to end poverty and intentionally build resilience into every aspect of our work.

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Everything Glimmer is, everything Glimmer represents is for women and girls. When we influence the lives of girls, we see radical change. When the voices of women are no longer silenced, we see momentous shifts in family, community and commerce. Through the empowerment and advancement of women, every single household and community is uplifted and improved.
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