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Millions of women and girls in rural Ethiopia struggle without the most basic life needs like clean drinking water and health care. Without an opportunity to overcome entrenched poverty, this cycle continues for generations.

Life in rural Africa requires resilience. Diseases spread through dirty drinking water ravage communities. The loss of a season's crops puts an entire family's safety net at risk. Harsh weather devastates food supplies. Our projects come together to support communities that not only survive, but thrive.

Holistic Approach
Gets To The Roots Of Poverty

Building a Foundation of Resilience

We are working for a brighter future for Ethiopia. With the power of our integrated projects, we can delay the age of marriage for girls, support safer pregnancies and healthier babies, and foster thriving village economies. Ending entrenched poverty takes more than one school or one well—it takes a holistic approach that creates a network of lifesaving services.

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Small loans create reliable income. Rural savings and loan cooperatives provide local financial support. Opportunity and confidence grow—allowing families and entire communities a sustainable path out of poverty.


A quality education unleashes potential. Educated girls delay marriage and pregnancy. Children grow up empowered and inspire the next generation.

Health & Water

Modern health care and clean water save lives. Healthy women give birth to healthy babies and safe drinking water sustains health and wellbeing. Communities thrive when freed from the burden of preventable diseases.

Everything Glimmer is, everything Glimmer represents is for women and girls. When we influence the lives of girls, we see radical change. When the voices of women are no longer silenced, we see momentous shifts in family, community and commerce. Through the empowerment and advancement of women, every single household and community is uplifted and improved.
   Glimmer CEO and Founder